Amber's Animals

Animals have been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I currently have a variety of critters on my farm, including horses, cows, dogs, cats, and a variety of birds. Did you know that some of my animals have even had appearances on Heartland?

You can read about each of my animals and their significance on the farm below!


Sex: Gelding
DOB: June 2nd 2014
Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: 16 hands high
Brought Home: June 2019
About: My husband and I attended a horse sale to help a friend pick out a new companion. It may have been a bad idea for me to walk through the sale barn, because as soon as I saw this big handsome Palomino I fell in love. It helped that the two of us also share the same birthday! Cruz is always ready for an adventure and is usually my go-to mount as his stamina and power are unmatched on our farm!

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Sex: Gelding
DOB: June 2nd 2007
Height: 15.1 hands high
Breed: Quarter Horse
Brought Home: March 2011
About: Hawk is a very quiet and loving horse. My mom has formed quite the bond with him, and he often spends time with her going on trail-rides and getting some extra TLC. In the recent Seasons of Heartland, Hawk was able to play the role of Spartan, since Stormy (who played the role for over 15 years) is now in his 20’s and we decided it was best to allow him to retire from his onset duties. Purely by coincidence, Hawk also shares a birthday with me!
TV Roles:You can see Hawk Season 16 (Ep. 9) as Amy’s client horse, then again in Season 17 as Spartan.

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Sex: Gelding
DOB: May 31st 2018
Height: 15 hands high
Breed: Quarter Horse
Brought Home: June 2020
About: Shawn and I both took a liking to this little bay roan. I have taken some working cow horse lessons on him, and Shawn is teaching him the “ropes” both in the field doctoring cattle or in the area team roping. When we aren’t doing anything in the arena, Slider is the perfect horse to take on the trail or to go help move cows at the neighbours! This talented little horse is one Shawn and I love to share.

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Sex: Gelding
DOB: February 23rd 2008
Height: 14.3 hands high
Breed: Quarter Horse
Brought Home: June 2021
About:  Shawn was good friends with Hippy’s previous owner and roped off him a fair bit. When Shawn heard that Hippy was for sale, he decided to scoop up this little sorrel! Hippy is the boss in our herd, and has mega speed in the arena, but is also very gentle and quiet with new riders.

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Sex: Gelding
DOB: May 5th 2009
Height: 14.3 hands high
Breed: Quarter Horse
Brought Home: October 2015
About: Nitro is the most versatile horse I’ve ever been around. My husband bought him as a heel horse for Team Roping, and I have since taken cutting, working cowhorse and jumping lessons on him.
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Sex: Gelding
DOB: May 15th 2020
Height: 14 hands high
Breed: Unknown
Brought Home: March 2021
About: Finch was not even a year old when he found himself on a truck headed to slaughter. Luckily for him, a friend of mine intercepted and brought Finch and his friends to my farm. This little colt stole my heart quickly and although the plan was to find new homes for all 3… he ended up staying with us.

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Sex: Gelding
DOB: July 5th 2009
Height: 34″ tall
Breed: Miniature Horse
Brought Home: July 2012
About: Despite his small size, Talon is the boss. He loves to play with my larger horses, but his very best friend is Hawk. Talon knows that Hawk will always look out for him, and he uses that to his full advantage. At feeding time, he will stand right under Hawk as he knows no other horse in our herd will try and steal out of their hay pile.

TV Roles: Talon plays the role of ‘Monty’ on Heartland.
To see more photos check him out on Instagram: #AmbersHorseTalon


Sex: Gelding
DOB: July 15th2010
Height: 36″ Tall
Breed: Miniature Horse
Brought Home: August 2015
About: I brought Screech home because I felt like Talon needed a friend of his own size! Talon and Screech are great friends and are constantly seen grooming each other. Although he looks like “Sugarfoot” he has never appeared on the show.


Sex: Female
DOB: June 16th 2019
Breed: Border Collie
Brought Home: August 2021
About: Rein was originally purchased by a ranch to be a working cattle dog, however, her stubbornness proved to be too much for daily ranch work. At two years old, they decided she needed to find a good home where she could be a “pet” and not a working dog.  Rein is a good girl, especially when she is not around livestock where her impulsive & stubborn nature sneaks through. She loves car rides, and hanging out with me on set, or at my store.

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Sex: Female
DOB: March 18th2023
Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
Brought Home: September 2023
About: I was up in northern British Columbia, Canada when I met Autumn. She was dropped off as a stray at a Spay/neuter clinic I was volunteering at, and as soon as she walked in the door there was something inside me that just felt she needed to come home with me. I can’t believe how quickly she settled into our family and her smiling, gentle demeanour makes everyone fall in love as soon as they meet her.

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Turner Valley

Sex: Female
DOB: April 10th 2010
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Brought Home: June 2010
About: I found ‘Turner’ as a tiny kitten while we were filming in the town of Turner Valley. A malnourished and very scared little stray, I scooped her up and decided she needed a good home. Now the wise old matriarch, she mostly keeps to her heated bed, and watches the younger cat’s play.

Check her out on Instagram: #AmbersCatTurner


Sex: Female
DOB: May 2nd 2022
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Brought Home: Summer 2022
About:  I was over visiting a friend when she showed me some barn kittens needing a home. I first picked out Swift because of her sweet little grey and white face, and my friend then handed me another and said, “well you should take her sister, so they have company!!” So, in the end both sisters somehow made their way into my vehicle that day and are happily now on mouse control on our farm.

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Sex: Female
DOB: May 2nd 2022
Breed: Domestic Short Hair
Brought Home: Summer 2022
About: Paisley has become the new farm favourite in the mouse control cat’egory. She is the cuddliest cat and loves her evenings on the couch when we let her. During the day she explores the farmyard with her sister Swift and both are usually found perched up on the logs beams of our cabin taking it all in.

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Sex: Cow
DOB: April 19th 2019
Breed: Miniature Jersey
About: In 2011 a friend of mine bought a herd of Mini Jerseys and I put my name down for the first heifer calf born. That was Ella, who I had many years. Unfortunately, Ella has since passed on, but she left me with her two beautiful daughters Belle and Bonnie.  Belle is the best Moma, and I love watching her and her full sister hang out and groom one another.

Check Belle out on Instagram: #AmbersJerseyBelle


Sex: Cow
DOB:  April 9th 2021
Breed: Black Angus Mix
About:  Lily was born to an older cow who just couldn’t produce enough milk for her. One day I saw an ad online and decided to bring her home for my Jerseys to raise. From day one Lily made herself at home and is the friendliest cow I have ever had.

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Sex: Cow
DOB:  April 13th 2021
Breed: Herford Mix
About:  Rosie was born on my friend’s ranch and for some reason her real mom just didn’t want to have anything to do with her. My friend knew I had Jersey cows that produced more than enough milk to support and extra calf, so she offered me the little one. Rosie is a very gentle natured girl who enjoys a good back scratch!

Check Rosie out on Instagram: #AmbersCowRosie


Sex: Steer (Castrated Bull)
DOB: March 15, 2011
Breed: Jersey
Brought Home: July 2013
Fun Facts: Tuff is the father of many Jerseys we’ve had on the farm and is now retired to an easy life. He has always been so gentle and loving towards kids, so he was my go-to for “bull rides” when friends brought their children out to the farm. His joints are starting to fail him as arthritis sets in heavily, so we don’t ride him anymore, but he still seems to enjoy his days slowly following along behind “his herd” and keeping an eye on his granddaughter’s Bonnie & Belle.

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Sex: Rooster
DOB: Spring 2020
Breed: Phoenix Rooster
About: Phoenix is a staple on the farm. When we are out in the yard, he freely roams where he pleases and is always there to greet anyone pulling in the laneway. He mostly spends his time sitting on a leather armchair on our covered porch or hanging out with his hens in the coop.

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Sweet & Salty

Sex: Hen and Drake
DOB:  March 29th 2021
Breed: White Call Ducks
About: I love these little ducks! They spend their days roaming the yard looking for grubs and the best swimming hole. They are a noisy duo, especially my Sweet girl who loudly calls out any time there is a disturbance on the farm. She is better than the dogs at keeping me alerted!

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In Loving Memory


Betty was the protective of the young animals on the farm. We fondly called her Nanny Betty, and she always took the best care of our calves on the farm. She knew who belonged, and who did not – and was always the first to let us know to run over and check things out. I still feel her presence I’m out with our cows, as she was never far, watching, and aware of all that was going on.

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Remi left us just before Christmas 2022, right before her 13th birthday. Remi brought so much joy to everyone she met. She was Shawn’s best friend from the day we brought her home and never took her eyes off him. This was a dog who wanted nothing more than to be a good girl. She never tested, never took a wrong step. From the first day we met her to the day we said goodbye she was perfect. Many will remember Remi through the role she played as Heartland’s beloved farm dog.

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And on Instagram: #AmbersDogRemi


Mouzer was by far the best cat I have ever known. He was the whole reason my husband went from not liking cats at all, to sleeping with Mouzer curled up in our bed. This is a cat I think about often and miss him with my whole heart! As just a youngster, Mouzer played the role on Heartland of the kitten that Amy brought home in her coat.
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When a friend bought a herd of Mini Jerseys, I put my name down for the first heifer calf born. Ella was first to come that spring and she gave me so many wonderful memories in the decade she lived with us. A sweet natured and loving cow, her legacy lives on in her two daughters Bonnie & Belle.

Remember Ella on Instagram: #AmbersCowElla


Mimsy was born on our farm and lived a full life with us. In his younger days, he spent some time with my friend Donna as a “house bunny” and as he grew up, he returned to us to live with his sister Strawberry. Both have now left us, but we are thankful for the time they gave us.

Remember Mimsy on Instagram: #AmbersRabbitMimsy


Strawberry was born on our farm and lived many happy years here with her brother Mimsy. She was not the most social rabbit with humans, but she loved spending her days close to her brother Mimsy, keeping the vegetation mowed down around our hen house.

Remember Strawberry on Instagram: #AmbersRabbitStrawberry

Butter & Popcorn

Life on the farm is not always fair. These two special ducks were taken by a predator one night on our farm. They were loved more than most in their one year with us and Butter the duck even appeared as a celebrity model for a butter sculpting contest. They brought many smiles to anyone who witnessed their fun loving personality. These two made me a big fan of ducks!

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Gilman was always the adventurer. Going on many unplanned trips in trailers or hay floats we can only imagine what became of this orange tabby. We always did a “Gilman check” every time a trailer left the property, but somehow he managed to always get the best spot in the Dodge. He definitely lived his 9 lives to the fullest and was right there helping with chores on the farm from 2011-2020. I will always miss your antics little buddy.

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China was my little shadow. Found as stray on a reserve in Alberta, I adopted her in 2008. This fearful Border Collie mix was already into her adult years when she came to live with me and through love, patience, and stability she slowly emerged from her dark past and became the most loyal friend that anyone could ask for. China taught me so much through the decade we had together, and I still think of her every day.

Remember China on Instagram: #AmbersDogChina

And Through These Issues of The Amber Marshall Magazine: Volume 2: Issue 3 and Volume 5: Issue 1

Honorable Mentions


Sex: Gelding
DOB: April 18th, 2009
Breed: Quarter Horse
Height: 15 hands high
Brought Home:
 June 2009
Fun Facts: I first got to know this gentle Buckskin at only 2-months old as his mom was pastured in one of my grassy fields for the summer. When it was time for him to be weaned, I asked if I could purchase this friendly little guy. Cash and I went on many trail riding adventures together over the years, but I couldn’t help but notice he was a horse who longed for human attention. I was working long hours away from home and Cash didn’t seem to bond with the other horses in my herd. When my friend Shay reached out looking for a companion something just told me this was meant to be. Cash and Shay are the perfect team and I am so happy that now she gets to explore the Alberta foothills with this gentle boy. He gets the attention he deserves, a perfect trail companion – plus I still get to visit him!

See him grow through the years on Instagram: #AmbersHorseCash 


Sex: Gelding
DOB: July 20th, 2021
Breed: Wild Horse of Alberta
Brought Home:
 October 2021

Fun Facts: This feisty colt was born in the Panther Range to a herd of wild horses. Sadly, at only 3 weeks of age he was found standing beside his lifeless mom, who had died of unknown causes. Quick to action his finders contacted the Wild Horses of Alberta Society who took him in. Since they are not set up to keep full time resident horses at the center, I agreed that Ranger could live in my herd until he was old enough to move on to a new home. At two years old he was ready for his next adventure in life. He was adopted by a good friend of mine, and she is teaching him the ways of being ridden and exploring the Alberta foothills where he once called home.  


Sex: Female
DOB: August 3rd 2018
Breed: Idaho Shag
Brought Home:
 October 2018
Fun Facts: Breezy is a very lovable and
easy-going dog. In fact, nothing really phases her as long as she is able to be
your co-pilot! My friend Kyra took a liking to Breezy the day a brought her
home and would puppy sit for me from time to time. When the lockdowns first hit
Kyra wanted a hiking buddy. I told her Breezy would love to go and it didn’t
take long for these two to become inseparable. After a short time, I realized
that Kyra was a much better match for this shaggy pup. Breezy still hangs out
on our farm from time to time, but it’s rare that Kyra goes anywhere without
her shaggy co-pilot!

Check her out on Instagram: @breezytheshag or #KyrasDogBreezy #AmbersDogBreezy

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Sex: Gelding
DOB:  March 16th 2003
Height: 15.2 hands high

Breed: APHA
Although Blue belongs to my husband’s parents,  he is often referred to as my “Ontario horse”. Hosting several events on horseback means I need a trusty steed I can rely on. Since my own horses live a 40 hour drive from Ontario, I am so fortunate to have Blue ready and waiting. I can jump on a plane after filming in Alberta for the week, and meet up with Blue for a weekend of hosting horse events in the province I grew up in. My in-laws have a farm north of Toronto with horses, dogs and cats. I’m lucky to be able to share their beautiful Blue.

See photos of Blue and Amber at events on Instagram: #AmbersHorseBlue 


Sex: Bull
DOB: April 7th, 2014
Breed: Miniature Jersey
Brought Home: June 2014
Since my Jersey Tuff was related to Ella, I needed to find her a boyfriend. I bought this adorable little bull out of the US to pair with my sweet Jersey Ella. It didn’t really make sense for me to have a bull for only one cow, and since Toro was such a sweet boy, I didn’t want his fatherly duties to be under appreciated. He now lives in a large herd of Miniature Jerseys, where he continues to pass on his beautiful, gentle personality.

See him and his offspring on Instagram: #AmbersBullToro


Sex: Gelding
DOB: May 19th, 2004
Height: 16 hands high
Breed: Quarter Horse
Brought Home: May 2015
When I first got into Team Roping, it was hard to get everything lined up! Learning to swing a rope, watch a moving cow and keep your horse in position is a lot to focus on – especially for someone as un-coordinated as myself! A friend of mine showed me a very seasoned rope horse who was looking for a new home. I knew that this would make things much easier when at least one of us knew what we were doing. Cinch taught me so much! With my busy schedule I was just not roping often, so Shawn’s friend asked if he could ride Cinch. The two clicked instantly and after this winning team shared a season together that was that! Cinch is a prime example of a horse who loves his job, and I am happy to see him paired with someone who is equally as passionate.

See him on Instagram: #AmbersHorseCinch


Sex: Gelding
DOB: Spring 2005
Height: 14.3 hands high
Breed: Welsh/APHA
Brought Home: Winter 2006
My mom brought this cute little Welsh cross home when he was just a weanling. At 5 years old we found his true passion was to jump. Since my mom just rides on occasion, she boarded him at an English barn where he could be ridden often by the kids that took lessons there. He was such an honest and kind jumper he soon became a barn favourite! Leila, a writer on Heartland completely fell in love with Pepsi and his cute pony personality. This pony’s talents far exceeded what my mom had imagined so when Leila offered to buy Pepsi, we were all for it. A decade later, she still has this power pony, and he has been such a gem to the kids and adults that have known him over the years.

See him on Instagram: #AmbersHorsePepsi