About Marshall's Country Store

A Message From Amber Marshall

How Marshall's Country Store Came To Be

I love to live spontaneously, but at the same time I am a homebody who thrives with routine. My thought pattern remains a mystery to those closest to me. In fact, most of the time, I'm often surprised by my next move. Complicated I know. But here’s how Marshall’s came to be…

One of my passions over the past decade has been finding “fixer uppers” and showing them some love with renovations. When my mom showed me the listing for this quaint little Diner in the town of Diamond Valley, I instantly fell in love. Diamond Valley has been special to me because for the last 17 years I have always passed through, stopped for a chai latte or picked up some great Chinese food during filming. The spirit of this town has always felt humble but on the verge of a rejuvenation.

This little Diner needed some TLC, but was still in full operation when I first took possession, so I started by completely renovating the upstairs loft to a beautiful bachelor apartment. As, I spent many late nights there tearing out tile, patching and painting I fell more in love with the space and location. As I worked away I found myself dreaming of one day opening a store on the main level.

Shortly after I finished the loft renovations, I was given notice by the Diner that they were going to close their doors. Sadly, the pandemic had hit them hard, and it was time to move on. I had a choice; find another commercial tenant to fill the space or get my butt back into renovation mode and start ripping out a commercial kitchen!

I have always loved creating inviting spaces. When I was young, it started with setting up environments where my animals felt comfortable. Whether that was our family’s dog, cat, rabbit, or fish I would spend hours making areas where they had everything they needed. 

As I got older that expanded into desirable spaces for people too. That’s what I had envisioned along the way for the store. Every decision I made, from fixtures, to flow to the colour palette was to create a place that is inviting, comfortable, and somewhere that you feel a sense of my home by walking through the doors. From the music playing and the incredible staff, I want you to feel as cozy as my cat cuddled on the couch in front of the warm glow of a winter fire.  

So, to keep a long story somewhat short, not only has it been my blood sweat and tears that have gone into bringing my dream store into reality, but also those of my family and friends around me. I will forever be thankful for your support and the inspiration you have given me to bring this to life and hope it will be a place we can all gather in my favourite little town for years to come.

What can you find at Marshall's Country Store?

At Marshall's Country Store you will find a curated collection of all things that I personally have chosen either because the item is part of my everyday life or the artisan stands for something I believe in.

Alberta is home to a diverse offering of artists and creators and I want to feature products you won’t find anywhere else. From jewelry to home decor to sunglasses, these are products being created in the area and many I have farm-tested myself. Among my favourite brands you will find a sprinkling of Official Amber Marshall and Marshall's Country Store merchandise as well.

We strive to bring in new items each month, so be sure to check back frequently!